Friday, November 25, 2016

Giving Thanks

Giving thanks for our many blessings
this Thanksgiving holiday!

One way we gave thanks this year was 
decorating and sharing our own utensil holders for the table.
These utensil holders are made from cardstock and sewn together.

Super easy!

I love collecting inexpensive stamps to include
in my projects.

Lucy said "I love drawing turkeys!"
And she wrote what she was thanksful for~

A creative way to add that personal touch to your next gathering.

Directions for card stock utensil holders:

1. Cut card stock in half length wise.
2. Fold the bottom up approximately 7 inches.
3. Sew along the edge where you folded it onto itself. (3 sides only)
4.  Set out with your favorite marking utensils (don't forget your metallic markers!) 
and watch what unfolds!

May you and yours have a blessed Holiday season~

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SRAC Display

It has been a while since I have put my work together in one location.
So I was very excited to gather my most recent creations for
the Smithfield Recreation and Aquatic Center (SRAC)
Ceramic Display Case.

This is a beautifully made cabinet created by a clay studio artist
to give SRAC ceramic artists a place to share their work!

Ceramic angels, crosses, wheel thrown and hand built bowls and baskets.

Ceramic plate, pinch pots, talsmen, necklaces, jewelry and pendants.

Thank you Kristin and the SRAC for this opportunity to share my clay work!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wood Burning Doodle

Welcome to a new online place for me where I can share
all I do with you in one location.

Let's get started...

A find at my local store was calling out to me to make it my own!

I had purchased a wood burning kit a while back with the
thought that something would show itself 
to doodle on in a unique way.

An elongated wooden tray.

Wood burning by the fire, of course!

I only wanted to focus on simple marks~

Along the edge

I changed the tip to make these tear drop shapes.

The variation of color and imperfections in the burn marks give it an
authentic handmade look.

I changed the tip again to add accent lines.

The finished piece ready for my Thanksgiving table!

I had no plan for this pattern, just playing with the tools.

Love the shape of this tray.

My initials and year on the back for memory sake.

I have one more tray to play around with.
I wonder what marks I will try next?

Please note:

If you try wood burning,
it is a lot of fun,
a little smelly and the fumes can burn your eyes some
and of course...
VERY hot.

Use with caution!

But this is a wonderful alternative to pen doodling!