Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ceramic Plates

My first attempt at 
hand building plates

Each plate is textured and showing different glazes.

Each plate has a central focus

Detailed center

Green with areas of transparency

Another detailed center

Yellow on speckled brownstone

Love the edge on this one

Signature on back

This is how they all began...

Using a paper plate to trace

Ready to be shaped inside the paper plate

Textures added - LOTS of texture

Some textured drawn, other using 
my texture wheels and plates
made from clay

Always enjoy the center as the focal point

Maybe a flower, maybe not?

Always love pushing the clay
and seeing the glaze react to it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hymnal Inspiration

I am co-teaching a Robert Frost poetry class
on Wednesday nights

My awesome co-teacher focuses on the poetry discussion
and I bring a creative exercise for each class.

This week's Frost poem is:
The Aim was Song

Through my research on the poem,
I have focused more on all the lovely words of hymns.

So, this week's creative exercise is
making "pass it along" cards
with words from our favorite hymnals.

I wanted to share a few examples:

A favorite, The Old Rugged Cross

Though I don't recall singing this hymn before,
the words are inspiring.

I always love singing the Doxology during service.

I can't wait to see what my participants do with this exercise
and which hymns they choose!

Some they will keep and some they will give away

Simple and meaningful creative fun
is what I strive for every time,
sometimes successful
but always
an experience to build on.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heart Cards

Simple, Colorful and Unique...

Cut out hearts ready for their debut!

Too many hearts to choose from!

Each heart is cut out of painted paper.

Auditions for each card~
I enjoyed grouping the hearts by similar color combinations.

Once placed on the postcard, 
they were ready for the polyester film
and sewing up all the edges!

There is a static between the hearts 
and the polyester film that helps hold them in place!

Once sewn the hearts are "floating" within the seams!

The hearts may overlap or turn as they are mailed 
to your loved one.

You just never know how it will look!

These are postcards I found prepackaged 20 postcards 20 envelopes
for a few dollars at Target!

Polyester film can be found here for purchase.

I sewed each one with a sewing machine using metallic thread.

This polyester film has been so much fun to use!

Sending lots of love 
to you and yours~