Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wood Burning Doodle

Welcome to a new online place for me where I can share
all I do with you in one location.

Let's get started...

A find at my local store was calling out to me to make it my own!

I had purchased a wood burning kit a while back with the
thought that something would show itself 
to doodle on in a unique way.

An elongated wooden tray.

Wood burning by the fire, of course!

I only wanted to focus on simple marks~

Along the edge

I changed the tip to make these tear drop shapes.

The variation of color and imperfections in the burn marks give it an
authentic handmade look.

I changed the tip again to add accent lines.

The finished piece ready for my Thanksgiving table!

I had no plan for this pattern, just playing with the tools.

Love the shape of this tray.

My initials and year on the back for memory sake.

I have one more tray to play around with.
I wonder what marks I will try next?

Please note:

If you try wood burning,
it is a lot of fun,
a little smelly and the fumes can burn your eyes some
and of course...
VERY hot.

Use with caution!

But this is a wonderful alternative to pen doodling!

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