Monday, March 13, 2017

Fern Prints

I am co-teaching a Robert Frost poetry class
on Wednesday nights

My awesome co-teacher focuses on the poetry discussion
and I bring a creative exercise for each class.

This week's Frost poem is:
Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

What better creative exercise to do than making fern prints!~
something I have always wanted to do

Rolling (acrylic) paint onto the back of the frond

These fronds are from my backyard and our recent cold weather
had frosted a few leaves.
I couldn't wait to see how they took to being printed with!

A vase of  fronds  

This was a beautiful metallic green color~

The consistency of the paint and the shimmer was quite lovely.

An accidental mix of pink and gray was quite effective and 
unusual where the pink was saturated.

It also looked like a larger frond~
the line down the center seems to always draw your
eye back in.  

I enjoy seeing how some colors pick up the details more so than others.

Once you have rolled the paint on the back of the frond,
lay down the frond on blank paper.
Place a piece of paper on top and press down gently but firmly
with your hands and rub out the color from the frond onto the paper underneath.

You may end up with paint on the top sheet also..
maybe a ghost print?

What to do with these prints you ask?

So many ideas!!~
Frame worthy art, book cover, card making,
background for photos, mixed media project,
and on and on and on!

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