Poetry/Other Writings

Sharing some of my writings and fun with poetry...

I pray for peace to come sit with me,
and tell me what will be.

I pray for peace to come stand by me,
and show me how to see.

I pray for peace to come walk with me,
and listen to the trees.

I pray for peace to come run with me,
and let the doves be free.

I pray for peace to come fly with me,
and soar so gracefully.

I pray for peace to come dive with me,
and live among the seas.

I pray for peace to come dwell in me,
and never find the key.

An American Road

Cracking a smile, I’m just driving along
got my kids in the back, relaxing, hearing their favorite song.

Cozy in my ride on the outskirts of town
this American road is humming with a patriotic sound.

Gently I turn the wheel for the curve up ahead
next I know to press the brake, the stop sign says red.

Passing the mailboxes of so many homes and fields of plenty.
That ditch may have been recently dug out, it looks fairly empty.

The kudzu is dying down right over there.
Wait, was that a deer in the field, eating the farmer’s share?

Now the used car lot on that corner typically thrives
and last week that produce stand sold me a bunch of tomatoes for two fives.

Have you noticed the utility poles or do you think they are unsightly for your ride?
I am thankful for the electricity they bring me and not having to solely depend on my own hide!

Those hay bales are as pretty as a picture over that sloping hill.
Now we are dipping down gently, on highway forty-two still.

Up next, my favorite part, the reason we can drive any gas grade.
No, not the gas station, that’s just where it is proudly displayed.

The American flag, so large, so beautiful, simply rippling in the wind.
My heart beams with pride and what this flag stands for, I will forever defend.

Yeah, this American road is here, but it is where you are too and all in between.
So take a drive, take it all in, and really see what you’ve never seen.

Purest of Creativity

As she stared at her daughter's drawing, she knew that she was looking at the purest of creativity.  None of society's views had penetrated her daughter's way of drawing or her way of thinking, just yet.  There was a rawness, almost uncaptured naivety, she saw and wanted desperately to get back in her own artwork.  She feared that it was never possible, she had already been formally trained to see the opposite of what she viewed now.  Her only hope, at this point, was to always cherish the drawings her daughter created.  Deep down, she knew that one day, her daughter would be looking at her own child's drawings, realizing the very thing her Mother once saw in her.

My Doughnut Beauty

Time has stood still for just a second at least.
You are my beauty and my sweetest beast.

I turn quickly to get a grip
and turn back slowly licking my lips.

You are one of those few things in this universe
that's better than imagined, so opposite of the worst.

I love your assortment, you outdo yourself each time.
So airy, so round and beautiful in that line.

It's just me and you right now,
we know what's going to happen, we know how.

Doughnut, my love for your sweetness is grand.
Now the only way to get in my mouth is by my hand.

I feel such calmness and peace as we are one yet again.
You are so divine and will never be my sin.

It doesn't matter where life takes me or what I do,
in your goodness my pleasure will forever ensue.

Until the next time my scrumptious bit,
the treadmill, stair-climber and ab machine I will hit.

Discovery Vases

Their pockets were full of the smallest of treasures they could find in a single afternoon.  She felt certain she just created another lasting memory with her daughter.  The type of memory she would maybe even cherish one day.  After doing several of these hunting and gathering trips, she finally knew what to do with these recently discovered possessions.  She grabbed an old canning jar from her pantry and suddenly it was created.  The "discovery vase" was born.  Inside each discovery vase were the simplest of things, cast aside by a fast-moving society, not bothering to notice or pick them up.  Different riches that she or her daughter inspected and felt worthy to be included in such a unique collection.  She was thrilled, at least inwardly, to know she was keeping the memory alive in her daughter, by simply having a visual reference. 

An Artist Dream

I dream an artist dream today
probably not one you would think of right away.

It’s one of those dreams when you are awake
and this one in particular is just for art’s sake.

In my studio is where I begin
everything is thrown about, not tidy in its’ bin.

Such a wreck, such a whirlwind in my room
but such beauty does it show, nothing like a tomb.

For all this chaos does have a purpose and a plan
art projects have been created, millions by my hand.

The elements of art and principles of design
are shown divinely in every piece and every medium of its kind.

In just this one day I had experimented with all media to date
mastered every technique and every artwork mastered was my fate.

Then, I invented new techniques and new designs
nothing ever seen before, new everything, new lines.

All my work published made history in its sales
I would have to hire ten assistants to read all my fan mail.

No, I would read each piece myself with a tear in my eye
taking it all in, hoping each person was as happy as I.

In this art utopia I would live lively and free
sharing my experiences and knowledge to truly complete me.

After all, this is just an artist dream worthy to share
with all my family, friends and artists everywhere.

On the Shore

As she sits on the shore in her beloved fold up chair and faded towel, she is at ease.  She feels contentment throughout her being that she had not felt since last year sitting in this near exact spot.  It was a morning just like today, the sun feels fresh, the breeze is soft and the pelicans look as if they are enjoying the solitude just as much.  She found her mind drifting, but not staying in one thought too long.  She couldn’t risk being engulfed in her memories and not allowing her body to fully maximize the divine intervention she has become a part of on this perfectly harmonious shore. 

A Patter in your Heart

Grant me three wishes and that won't be enough.
Because wishing is for those who don't try
and dreams are for those who never give up.

If you just sit and wish and don't do a thing,
Your life will pass you by and you'll never grow wings.

But a dream can take you places you never imagined thus far,
A patter in your heart, a whisper from afar.

Forget about wishing for all that delight.
Put your best foot forward with all of your might.

Begin to rise early and stay up late.
Get it together, this is after all your very own fate.

So, the next time "I wish" is the sentence you start,
Discard all that wishing and dream from your heart.

Blank Canvas Syndrome

     She stared blankly at the pages hoping an idea would stir within her.  She just wanted to let go, feel the movement of paint and the nubbin of colored pencils on paper at the command of her wrists.  She believed as she always did, that once more she could overcome this illness that plagues many a creative soul.  She quickly wondered how many battles she would need to fight to win the war on this debilitating sickness?  But as quickly as she asked herself, her response flooded her mind.  She would fight battle after battle to get her creativity into tangible artwork every time. 

My Creativity Prayer

Porous shells at my fingertips lay gently in their place.
Secured tightly by only Your unwavering grace.

Beads strung and ribbons tied on nicely to add that softer touch.
I pray for continued guidance in my creative endeavors and such.

God, the talents you have given me I want to use up.
Creativity lives in my bones and does fill my cup.

With every twist and turn, every failure and success, I know You are there.
You hear my passion beating and take away what I couldn't possibly bear.

I will continue these dreams each of my remaining days.
I will continue to use materials in recycled ways.

Lord, my prayer is simply to use my hands to create.
And to inspire those who also want things to make.

You hold the key to this seedling in my heart.
You have made the path shown and I will do my part.


I am Art

I am here and I am art.

I have no glossy pictures to post,

I have no fantastic artwork I made recently to boost,

Though I am still doing art everyday,

just in a new and endearing way.

I am helping a few hundred children

maybe see the world a little bit more like me,

find beauty in the everyday and ordinary.

These moments are fleeting with each class I check in and check out,

no lense to capture the time, no video to send out.

There will be a time when I will share more,

more of what I have taught them, but really more...

of what I have learned.

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